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Shufersal is the largest retailer in Israel, with hundreds of branches all over the country that work daily with hundreds of suppliers. Due to the highly dynamic nature of the business, we needed to implement a smart, broad-based computerized system that would enable us to manage such a complex operation efficiently. StoreNext, who met our needs perfectly, has been Shufersal's partner for many years, and the platform it developed enables us to maintain direct communication between our ERP system and the different IT systems used by each of our suppliers, thereby significantly reducing lead time and operational costs and increasing our control capabilities. We see StoreNext as a critical component of Shufersal's operations.
Zvika Fishheimer,
VP IT - Shufersal
Electra's supplier portal is the largest, most extensive B2B project in Israel. Electra is a leading international company and its activities focus on 4 core areas: Contracting in the construction and infrastructure sector and in electro-mechanics; Facility Management and trade; Realestate enterprise and development; infrastructure concessions. The company attaches great importance to creating optimal synergy between the group's companies and its suppliers and therefore needed an exceptionally wide-ranging, sophisticated solution. That's why we turned to StoreNext, confident in their ability to offer a solution that would suite Electra's proportions and capable of handling the huge volume of the group's thousands of suppliers network.
Eyal Tuchman, VP
Operations and Control - Electra Ltd.
Super-Pharm, with approximately 200 branches to date, is the largest, most important drugstore chain in Israel and manages a complex logistics network and online logistics processes on a day-to-day basis. This activity includes ordering and transporting thousands of products, most of which are of a highly sensitive nature. These logistics processes depend, among other things, on an online system that Super-Pharm set up, which is based on the StoreNext B2B platform and supplier portal. As a result of implementing this system, Super-Pharm has reaped considerable benefit, with a significant improvement in logistics processes and communication between the chain and its suppliers, as well as full control over these processes.
Yossi Cohen, VP IT -
Rafael handles projects of great complexity, which involve critical deadlines and synchronization of a variety of procurement and production processes. All these factors required us to introduce innovative IT solutions for managing our business with thousands of suppliers. Rafael chose StoreNext as a strategic partner in implementing an advanced platform for procurement management. We have been working with this portal and a wide range of the applications that it supports for a number of years now and we can state with certainty that we have succeeded in significantly increasing the efficiency of Rafael's work processes and effectiveness of its monitoring tools.
Kobi C., Chief Information
Systems Manager - Rafael
The Ministry of Defense and the army are, by nature, organizations with huge operational networks and high volumes of procurement activity, which translate into daily contact with thousands of suppliers and service providers. The introduction of a computerized, automated system to administer the processes involved in working with suppliers, using the StoreNext supplier portal, increased information transparency for the benefit of all parties, tightened up control by identifying irregularities and reducing them, and finally, resulted in a saving in resources and increased accuracy in payments for work.
Ami Hering, VP IT and Head of Telecom.
Ministry of Defense
Shlomo Group is the largest group in Israel in the automobile and services sectors, with a fleet of some 70,000 vehicles. The group's policy to "always say 'yes'" means that we do our utmost, and even more, to meet the expectations of our customers. This, together with our drive to improve our standing in the market, is the reason that we chose to use the StoreNext electronic commercial platform to interface with our hundreds of garages and parts suppliers.
Yuval Shani, VP IT -
Shlomo Sixt
In order to enable the thousands of manufacturers and importers of packaged products and service packaging in Israel to report to us in accordance with the Packaging Management Law, we needed a smart system that would facilitate the parallel flow of a large volume of information, with no mishaps. The system developed by StoreNext will allow us to easily monitor and control this flow and to report to the Environmental Protection Ministry flawlessly.
Kobi Dar CEO at T.M.I.R. – Manufacturers'
Recycling Corporation

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