About Us

About Us
Providing business communities with knowledge, serving as a solid basis for decision making.
Company’s vision

Starting in 2000, StoreNext had been developing online arenas constantly connecting thousands of suppliers and customers, while creating transparency, one truth and a united language for all parties.


By making information accessible, processed and analyzed into practical knowledge, StoreNext provides its customers the tools needed to effectively face the intense competition under which they operate, whereby managers are required to act quickly and make precise business decisions, at a higher frequency than ever before.

StoreNext provides its customers with critical services based on highly sensitive information, which requires practicing the highest level of professional expertise, and moreover, being committed to maintain its customers’ business continuity and confidentiality of information. The company’s employees, performing a broad range of technology, market studies, analysis, marketing and customer service roles, is a group of dedicated professionals, which were carefully selected, with high emphasis on their compatibility with the company’s unique character and business culture. Thanks to them, we constantly look forward, passionate to investigate, discover and innovate, and provide our customers with effective and practical solutions essential for their success.

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