Working at StoreNext

At StoreNext we believe that our success is the result of the extensive experience and unique human resource. This fact should not be taken for granted, and therefore, in order to continue the establishment of professional leadership and trust we receive from our customers, we ensure daily preservation of accumulated knowledge and constant development of new knowledge. The dynamic work environment in the company affords employees exposure to a broad range of technologies, products and customers, and develop comprehensive outlook and deep understanding the business reality of our customers.


Fundamental values of respect and reciprocal accountability between employees and themselves and between employees and the community, are StoreNext’s foundation of.Therefore, as an integral part of the work routine, company’s employees take an active role in the community volunteer activities.


Thanks to all that, a unique atmosphere has evolved, integrating professionalism, reciprocity, and above all – a good reason to wake up in the morning to a place that is simply fun and pleasant to work in.



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