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Our Partners
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As a company who defined its mission as bringing its customers an exceptional added value, StoreNext picks its business partners carefully, aiming to create winning synergy of complementing solutions.

StoreNext represents in Israel the American company OpenText, which operates the largest communications network in the world between businesses (B2B) and provides information translation solutions from the most advanced in the world for integration between ERP systems.

As part of StoreNext’s B2B services platform, OpenText engines are integrated, among other things, for the transfer of business documents in the EDI standard, such as orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, sales reports and the like.


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ImageStore is the largest company in Israel for providing scanning, decoding, processing, and optimization of data,  and provides a variety of services to most government ministries, banks, insurance companies, and many companies in the private sector. Innovative for scanning, keying, digital signing, and archiving of vendor invoices sent to the organization.


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DocuSign, an American company based in San Francisco that enables organizations to manage business documents and sign them electronically, with over 475,000 customers and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries.

DocuSign’s digital signature solution is embedded in StoreNext systems and enables the company’s customers to enter invoices in full compliance with the Electronic Signature Law.


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Aman Group, one of the leading IT companies in Israel, provides a wide range of services and solutions in the fields of digital, cyber, data, development, knowledge management, blockchain, and more. Amen, through its own CTB company, developed together with Meteor BANKonnect – an innovative solution in the cloud for transferring payments to banks in Israel and abroad.


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