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Our Partners
Our Business Partners
As a company who defined its mission as bringing its customers an exceptional added value, StoreNext picks its business partners carefully, aiming to create winning synergy of complementing solutions.
Global Exchange Services

StoreNext represents American Global Exchange Services in Israel, operating the largest global private network for B2B E-commerce, providing some of the most advanced information conversion solutions  available  for integration between ERP and B2B systems.

StoreNext provides E-Commerce B2B services  via GXS, including transferring business documents using the EDI standard: Orders, invoices, delivery certificates, confirmation of acceptance, sales reports, etc.


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The WebSphere infrastructure of IBM Israel constitutes a part of StoreNext’s solution suite,  creating transparent information transfer between management, operational and financial applications of retailers and suppliers. StoreNext and IBM Israel collaborate in planning, implementation and incorporation of advanced business processes between businesses through integration of StoreNext’s applications and services with the infrastructure provided by IBM.

ARX Ltd.

operates for the past 20 years in the field of information security and electronic document signing. ARX’s signature servers serve StoreNext for signing digital invoices, in compliance with the Tax Authority Digital Signature Law.


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cyber ark
Cyber Ark

technology, used to isolate sensitive information within the organizational network, as well as to receive and distribute files in a secured manner between the organization and its business partners. StoreNext integrates Cyber-Ark’s products as part of its B2B infrastructure, markets  Cyber-Arks’ “Information Vaults” to clients in Israel and offers use of the vaults installed in StoreNext’s secured IT site.


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