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StoreNext Customers Portal
A Smart Channel for Sales Increase
The Customer Portal is a key took for maintaining customer interaction. Enabling constant communication with customers, throughout the purchasing arena, starting from variety/price list publishing stage, receiving orders, through electronic invoice generation. 





The customers, already accustomed to internet consumerism through the computer or mobile devices, address the internet as initial default, even when conducting and internal purchase. . Enjoying simple, friendly and fast access, the customer can log into the portal, view the variety of items available in the inventory, screen the range of specifications, select a product or several products and place an order.
On the supplier side, StoreNext creates a 2-directional interface between the information and the portal, and allow the suppliers to present the catalog and the price list to authorized customers, while maintaining advanced permissions management. The customers can operate on the portal through direct interface with their ERP systems, generate orders and receive invoices from the supplier.

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