B2B Automation

B2B E-Commerce Division
Systems for smart supply chain and procurement processes management
Our systems allow end-to-end B2B electronic communication between trading partners
StoreNext is the largest, most experienced B2B e-commerce company in Israel. Since the year 2000 more than 100 procurement entities have joined StoreNext. Among these are some of the largest, most important organizations in Israel from varied industries, including construction, technology, retail & food, pharmaceuticals, defense, and automotive.
Today's transactions
These organizations use StoreNext's systems daily in their interactions with thousands of suppliers, with an unprecedented information flow of more than 2,000,000 transactions a day, representing an annual trade volume of tens of billions of shekels. StoreNext offers a wide range of B2B solutions that enable its customers to conduct full e-commerce communication with their business communities, using particularly powerful advanced technologies to achieve maximum levels of stability, speed and data authenticity.


Our Solutions
StoreNext's wide range of solutions were designed to support our customer's needs and to reach maximum monitoring, control and efficiency at the shortest time
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