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The Automotive Industry is at an era of constant changes. The modern vehicle is characterized by ongoing improvements and technological changes, introducing sophisticated electronics and computer systems, integrated into the various automotive systems. Currently, electronic components and micro-computers replace traditional mechanical components, for example: The control system, monitoring, regulation and tuning. An increasing number of systems are reciprocally integrated aiming for optimal performance in terms of operation, driving, human engineering and prevention of air pollution. 


StoreNext’s systems are suitable for Automotive requirements for a variety of reasons, including:

Support of typical processes The experience gained by StoreNext in the Automotive Industry and its familiarity with processes and work methods, enabled it to develop a broad infrastructure, yet friendly and easy to operate for support of work processes between the automotive company, its suppliers and the chain of car workshops it collaborates with.


Technological StrengthStoreNext’s technological infrastructures allow work in Automotive Industry, while maintaining data transfer accuracy and stability, alongside analysis and monitoring of data quality and work processes.


Monitoring and control of irregularities
A range of administrative tools including process control, highlighting irregularities, display of trends, enable the manager high effectiveness in decision making processes.

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