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Constant communication with its suppliers and ongoing supply of materials, equipment and services, are a key to the success of construction companies in projects execution, restricted by challenging time and budget restraints. StoreNext’s supplier’s portal, based on Cloud and other B2B tools, ensure effective, fast and precise work routine within suppliers’ community, while reducing response times and obtaining dramatic operational saving for all parties.

StoreNext’s systems are compatible with the requirements of the Construction Industry based on:

Support of typical processes

The experience accumulated by StoreNext in the Construction Industry and its familiarity with processes and work methods, enabled it to develop a broad, yet friendly and easily operated infrastructure, supporting work processes between the purchasing entity and its various suppliers, for example – concrete, wires, pipes, screws, iron, electricity and other suppliers.


Comprehensive B2B integration to leading systems
Storenext, in collaboration with the industry’s leading software companies, developed suppliers’ interfaces for management of trade relations with purchasing entities, fully integrated with common ERP systems – SAP, Priority and others.


Technological Power
Purchasing processes and supply chain are critical elements in the success of construction projects. The need for perfect timing and synchronization of a huge range of items to a designated supply point entails sophisticated, accurate and controlled management of relationship with suppliers of goods and raw materials. This is precisely the reason why StoreNext was elected to establish the supplier portal of the largest company in the industry, for managing the relationship its suppliers.


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