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A digital invoice makes life easier. It replaces the tedious processing of paper invoices and manual processes, with an innovative, simple, automatic and secured method of conducting business.
The digital invoice is an invoice sent by the suppliers and received electronically by the purchasing entity’s ERP systems. The received invoice is comprised of two elements – a data file used for automation and performance of process auditing and a digitally signed image file compliant with law, used for additional auditing and saving by an electronic archive.




Why should you shift to digital invoice?

Use of digital invoices can save the organization up to 80% of the cost associated with tedious manual processes: Printing, filling envelopes, mailing, scanning, verifying compatibility of the invoices to the inventory receptions and orders, conversations with upset suppliers, locating “lost” invoices, transfer for safe keeping in an archive, etc. Shifting to digital invoices, leads to faster and efficient processes, significant reduction of manual interventions (and prevention of human errors), accomplishing optimal control and monitoring of cash flow.


StoreNext offers a range of solutions for implementation of digital invoice:
Web Invoice An invoice sent to the purchasing entity via Suppliers Portal and the Internet, without need for installation of any software. The supplier produces an invoice and saves it as PDF, loads it to StoreNext’s secured portal and enters the invoice’s data, for the purpose of accompanied data file. The invoice undergoes a set of standardization tests, and if found to be proper – digitally signed and sent to the purchasing entity’s ERP system.
Smart Invoice A unique in-house StoreNext solution, based on a virtual printer, allows sending an invoice and data file, directly from the supplier’s invoice generation system to the purchasing entity – B2B, without need for additional development and dependency on software companies.
Integrated Invoice Sending invoices in a fully automated manner, by creating a direct link between StoreNext and the supplier’s ERP system. Upon generation of the invoice, it is reviewed according to the pre-defined set of criteria, undergoes digital signing and sent for acceptance by the purchasing entity’s ERP system. Adapting an interface by the customer’s software company is required when using this solution, although most software companies already developed interfaces with StoreNext.
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