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A Range of EDI-Based B2B Solutions
StoreNext developed a smart and flexible platform, enabling management of full E-Commerce processes from one ERP system to another, using all common EDI standards. StoreNext’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables purchasing entities and suppliers, distributors, customs agents and international freight forwarders to conduct a broad range of business transactions, including: Sending or receiving orders, delivery certificates, return certificates, digital invoices, payment orders, sales and demand forecasts, etc. 






We support all common EDI standards, including – ANSI, EDIFACT, X.12, as well as all common communication protocols, including: WS, FTP, AS2 and others.


StoreNext has extensive experience and prides itself for thousands of successful implementations in this field. This is one of the reasons for being selected as a business partner and local representative of  GXS global corporation, providing  direct access to the Value Added Network (VAN) and connectivity to networks around the world. This collaboration allows trade partners globally to connect to a local VAN network and manage comprehensive trade relationships with an Israeli company, ensuring high level of performance and reliability.

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