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The easiest, fastest and safest way to connect your business to EDI

One connection to EZI guarantees you continuous work with all trading partners, whether it’s a customer or supplier, in any country, in any field or industry, and in any format.

When EDI Is Made Really Easy
EDI which for years was a heavy term and difficult to digest among many CIOs,
has become really simple with EZI
  • PLUG & TRADE – one connection, work with everyone.
  • Global Activity – with support for all common communication protocols.
  • Cloud-Based Service – that guarantees speed, flexibility, information security, and redundancy, without the need for local installations and maintenance.
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Control – that ensures the stability and continuity of the work.
  • Business Continuity – with 24/7 support and personal service.
EZI Who is it for?
EZI is designed for a wide range of industries, importers and exporters, distributors, retailers, and practically for any organization that understands that EDI is the only way to manage an efficient supply chain and successful business relationships today

All Protocols

EZI supports all types of protocols

ERP Interfaces

EZI supports interfaces for all
Leading ERP systems

All Formats

EZI supports all EDI standards, all over the world and to all industries

All VAN Networks

Business partnership with
opentextTM| Business Network

Enabling access to all EDI VAN networks worldwide

AS EZ AS 1-2-3
A practical and simple process that promises to go live at extraordinary speed,
while enjoying close guidance from a project manager and support around the clock
Process Characterization And Messages Mapping
Development And Integration
To The ERP / VAN
Set-Up Of Business And Technical Monitoring
Years Of Experience
And That's What They're Saying

We went looking for an EDI provider, and so we chose StoreNext.
The company has experience with global companies and working with EDI and this is important for us. StoreNext provided us with a dedicated project manager, their pricing plan was simple to understand and easy to apply and their technical solution was effective when you wanted to scale up to multiple customers.

REBECCA HAVIV, Senior Information Specialist - KRAMER Electronics

We were looking for a reliable and professional company that could manage Tefron’s EDI communications with the company’s customers, provide complete controls and transparency to the process.
After examining suppliers in Israel and abroad, we were impressed by StoreNext’s technological capabilities.
In the course of the extraordinary collaboration, we were able to transfer all of Tefron’s EDI communications with retail customers to StoreNext.

INBAL MECHREZ, EDI and Applications Manager - TEFRON
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The high dynamics of the industry owed Shufersal, the largest retailer with
Hundreds of smart and extensive computing branches that allow you to efficiently manage such a complex operation. StoreNext who answered us scattered all over the country who work daily in front of hundreds of suppliers, assimilate
What's the best solution for your business?
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