Invoice Scan & Archive

100% Digital Vendor Invoices, in One Month!

StoreNext is proud to present a revolutionary service that allows large organizations (with over 1000 vendor invoices per month), to switch to 100% digital invoices in about one month!

In addition, the service also incorporates a digital archive for storing invoices as well as an online vendor portal to view the status of invoices to vendors.


Invoices Digitization Process

All vendor invoices go to the scan office of ImageStore Systems, where they go through an end-to-end digitization process until they are converted from paper to legally digitally signed and decrypted files, using an advanced OCR engine and additional human-controlled control.

The files are transmitted directly to the organization’s ERP system for further processing and approval, and at the same time are archived in a digital archive and displayed to providers on a dedicated Internet portal.


Steps In The Process


Main Benefits 

  • 100% of vendor invoices are accepted as digital from day one.
  • Standardization and control of the invoicing process.
  • Invoices of any type or format are processed, scanned, stored and routed, as digital files directly to ERP.
  • Significant savings in invoice receipt and approval.
  • Save time on handling vendor inquiries by mirroring invoice status through the vendor portal.
  • Improving the technological image of the organization and the service to provide.
  • Digital archive as a replacement for the physical archive, which allows you to retrieve each invoice at the click of a button.
  • Full regulatory compliance with bookkeeping instructions.

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