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More and more organizations around the world understand the need to maintain a daily connection with their financial institutions, such as banks, credit card companies, investment companies, etc. – in order to get an accurate and relevant picture of their financial status.

Today’s competitive, data driven reality, makes the need for an ongoing and continuous flow of data from a variety of financial sources, particularly complex and resource-intensive.


Inetgratiom to all the common financial systems

To address this necessity, Meteor, led by Avi Korenianski, had developed a computerized and automated platform for identifying and importing data from various databases of the corporates’ financial assets. That data is processed and discharged by Meteor in a uniform structure path into the enterprise information systems – financial, investment and treasury.

Meteor integrates easily to all common ERP & treasury systems, such as:


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Meteor customers include hundreds of Israel‘s leading enterprise companies, in industries such as:


Finance & InsuranceHi-Tech Holdings Companies
AcademyHeavy Industry & EnergyMedia and Press
HospitalsAutomotiveFood & beverages
Ministries & MunicipalitiesPharmaceuticalsRetail & Distribution
Aviation, Shipping & TourismReal Estate & ConstructionAnd many more…

Meteor Solutions range
Import bank statements - balance cash flows Import data from different banks and other sources for accounts and cash adjustments, including balance check and itegration to the financial systems. The service is available with all the banks in Israel as well as from more than 120 other banks around the world.
Import balances and movements in investment accounts Import balances and movements in investment accounts, to every financial system and analyze the movements in investment accounts and / or any management system including a uniform structure for all banks.
Import credit cards movements Import credit card transactions for cards adjustments in the systems. The service includes a breakdown by concentration and / or break with breaking down the components of the movement - Gross / Net / fees / tax etc., on request.
Import foreign exchange rates Import foreign exchange rates from around the world, including databases of central banks in various countries as well as commercial banks and rate sources including cross references and, if necessary, by choosing different indicators, such as metals and stock exchange, and in fact - all the necessary public information available in different formats and different management systems.
Two-way file transfer with banks Two-way file transfer with banks such as bank transfer list of checks to prevent forgery etc.
Payment of salaries and payments to suppliers Transfer of funds for salaries and payment to vendors with global banks, such as HSBC, Citibank and others.
Range of other financial services Create revenue data log commands; Create checks file reserves and/or future redemption credit cards; Change substitution checks receivable at the Bank; Create conversion tables of data banks including language translation/Union activity types, etc.; Create data concentration file per deposit/deposit balances by currency and Union activities.
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