The Right Item, at the Right Time, in the Right Place
The sensitivity of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment and the critical need of items arriving to the right place, at the right time, and in the appropriate quality to the entire country’s population – requires fast, effective and precise management of the supply arrays, logistics and purchasing in the pharmaceutical companies. This is why leading pharmaceutical chains in Israel chose StoreNext’s B2B E-Commerce and suppliers’ portal systems as means to manage daily communication with the hundreds of suppliers in the industry, ensuring effective work routine, reducing reaction times, improving the monitoring and control measures and reaching significant operational saving.


StoreNext’s systems are suitable for Pharmaceutical requirements for a variety of reasons, including:

Maximum flexibility
StoreNext’s approach enables adaptation to the unique requirements of pharmaceutical companies and the ability to update the systems according to the ever-changing need of each organization.


Technological Strength StoreNext’s technological infrastructures allow work in enormous scopes, typical to the Pharmaceutical Industry, while maintaining accuracy and stability of data transfer, alongside analysis and monitoring of data quality and work processes.


Data Security StoreNext provides its clients with critical services based on sensitive information. Therefore, the company is committed to the highest standard of data security, providing the best solution to Defense, Industrial and Retail companies.


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