Manufacturing Control, a Green Environment
Based on the objective of reduction of the waste quantity generated by packages, prevent its burial, the Law for arrangement of packages handling was drafted in 2011. This law imposes, among other issues, on manufacturers and importers of packaged products or service packages, to recycle waste of the packaged products or service packages which they produced or imported according to recycling goals, defined in the Package Law (different goals for different packaging materials). In addition to that, the manufacturers and importers are required to file semi-annual and annual reports on the packaged products or service packages sold by them in Israel each year, according to the requirements defined in the Packages Law and by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. 


StoreNext specializes in development of systems for management of relationships between organizations – B2B, developed for TAMIR Ltd. the reporting platform, connecting all the manufacturers and importers in Israel of the packaged products or service packages, with TAMIR’s data reception system.


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