Retail FMCG

Retail FMCG
Maximum Availability, Minimum Inventory

The Retail and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) markets is characterized by enormous dynamics originating from a range of tens of thousands of different items, purchased by consumers daily, with extremely short shelf life. The flexibility and stability of StoreNext’s systems support the need of the Retail world to perform in a reality of multiple branches and suppliers. The Cloud and other B2B tools’ suppliers’ portal developed by the company, ensures effective, quick and precise work routine with the suppliers community, while reducing reaction times, obtaining dramatic operational saving. 


StoreNext’s systems are compatible with the Retail world requirements for a variety of reasons, including:

Dedicated developments The experience accumulated by StoreNext over the years in the industry, and the full compatibility of the systems and its applications to the markets’ needs, allow retail chains to enjoy project implementation within a few days, and the option to work with the hundreds of suppliers active in the StoreNext community.


Technological Strength
StoreNext’s technological infrastructures enables work in enormous scopes, typical to the Food Industry, while maintaining accuracy and stability of data transfer, alongside analysis and monitoring of data quality and work processes.


Data Security StoreNext provides its clients with critical services based on sensitive information. Therefore, the company is committed to the highest standard of data security providing the best solution to Defense, Industrial and Retail companies.

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