StoreNext Vaulting

StoreNext Vaulting
Secured Path for Sensitive Information

StoreNext is a business partner and an authorized distributor of Cyber-Ark, offering the “Vault Room” technology for transferring and saving business data in a secured and encrypted manner, as SAAS model “Cloud” service. Cyber-Ark developed the Vault Room “Vaulting” technology, used both for insulating sensitive information in the organizational network (managing sensitive documents in the organization and managing administrative passwords), as well as for securely receiving and distributing files between the organization and its business partners. The company’s products currently became the de-facto standard for preserving internal-organizational information and its secured sharing in Israel and globally.



Secured connectivity for sharing confidential and sensitive information

  • Customers – transferring documents, reports, charts.
  • Business partners – new products, collaboration documents, reports.
  • Remote branches – reports, financial data, sensitive documents.
  • There are many organizations that save digital invoices in vaults for 7 years, as required by law.
  • Only a person who was authorized by the customer will be able to access the information kept in the vault.

Sensitive Information Management (SIM) Suite
Based on Vaulting Digital Technology (registered patent), is an innovative solution for online secured data sharing between remote organizations and branches, isolating sensitive information on the organizational network. The Internal-Organizational Vault Room (IBV) enables utilizing the advantages of the internet towards connectivity between organizations, while eliminating the problematic issues typical to Production applications, based on this infrastructure – data security issues, performance, access interfaces and system administration. The Network Vault Room (SDV), much like a physical vault room, is the safest location for storing the sensitive information, used for sharing secured information between work groups.

StoreNext offers a wide-range of vaults for customers’ exclusive use. Vaults are situated in the ‘vaults room’ at StoreNext’s secured servers site.. Utilizing this service saves the organization expenses for allocation of servers, software and licensing, communication lines, system administration, DRP and ongoing backup systems. StoreNext also offers local installation at the customers’ site.

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