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Granting our customers the knowledge
that will serve as solid basis for business decisions
StoreNext’s Market Performance Division focuses on turning data into practical knowledge, that leads our clients to success
StoreNext is Israel’s leading research and analysis company in the Consumer-Goods market. A flow of real-time sales data is transmitted each day to the company's servers, from the points of sales of 2,600 stores across the country, depicting the most precise and credible market image. In fact, this scope of data reflects 80% of real market data, turning Israel into the country with the broadest and most accurate coverage in the world. In addition to that, StoreNext owns a unique database, based on shopping baskets data,
enabling extensive in-depth analysis and research up to the level of a single shopping basket in the various shopping channels of the private sector. StoreNext specializes in data analysis, development of research methodologies, and became an expert in processing broad and multiple-variables data, enabling the formulation of insights and operative recommendations suited to customer needs, serving as an effective tool for reaching business results by decision-makers.
Market Performance
The Market Performance solutions, designed to support organizational decision-making processes, by reflecting an accurate image of the Israeli Consumer-Goods market trends and the market segments of the categories and brands in various sections – channels/areas/sectors, etc.
StoreNext Research and Strategy
A business unit, integrating data analysis and processing, alongside Trade-Marketing, consumer behavior and marketing research expertise, translating the information flow to strategic recommendations in a practical and focused manner.
Trade-Marketing Studies Formulation of action strategies towards maximizing the Point of Sale potential, in issues including: Pricing and special offers, variety, planograms, etc.
Marketing Studies Formulation of action strategies aimed at improvement of brand status and business results, by characterizing consumer’s behavior in two key areas: Launch studies and brand asset value.
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