Trends Analysis

Trends Analysis
StoreNext Smart-View


An online BI system that provides a high-resolution understanding of market and category trends, market shares, prices, availabilities, etc., down to the level of the channel and the product. The system includes:

  • Data based on true sales data, received daily from the checkouts of approximately 2,200 stores in the private and organized markets.
  • Highly accurate sales estimates for all the different retail sales channels
  • The system is updated once a week with the data of the past week and allows ongoing tracking of current data.
  • A wide variety of graphs and data tables,with numerous segmentation
    possibilities that facilitate analysis and understanding of market trends, including: – Indexes: monetary/quantitative sales, monetary/quantitative market shares, average prices, availability.
    – Time periods: daily/weekly/ monthly
    – Sales channels: organized market in the format of discount stores/ private chain stores/minimarkets/ grocery stores/convenience stores
    – Geographical regions: North/Haifa/ Sharon/Tel Aviv and Dan region/ Jerusalem/ Shfela/South
    – Sectors: general/ultra-orthodox; Arab/Russian – market segments only
    – Item cataloging: departments/ categories/ sub-categories/suppliers/brands/ items

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StoreNext Smart-Price
A system that demonstrates price trends, based on a unique model developed by StoreNext. The system determines the price index for the entire FMCG market, down to the level of the category/brand/ item/channel. It also generates insights into price changes and distinguishes between the impact of mix and quoted price changes. In this way, it enables a clearer understanding of trends and facilitates wise decision-making, based on solid facts.
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