Market Performance

Market Performance & Research
Internet BI system, which allows to understand the trends of the consumer goods market (FMCG), and shows sales volumes, market shares, prices, availability and additional information up to the resolution of format and product
Data based on real sales data
Received daily from the points of sale of about 2,600 stores in the national chains, in the private market and in convenience stores.
Weekly update
The system is updated once a week with the data of the past week and allows continuous analysis and follow-ups of relevant data.
Market analysis and segmentation
Using a wide range of graphs and data tables, with many segmentation options that help analyze and understand market trends:
Class / Category / Sub-Category / Supplier / Brand / Sub-Brand / Item.
Red stickers / units in the package / new items etc.
Financial / quantitative sales, financial / quantitative market shares, average prices and availability
Time Period
Week / month / quarter / median / year
Discount National Chains / National Supermarket Chains / Discount Private Market / Minimarket Private Market / Small Private Market / Convenience Stores
Unique reports can be customized to the customer's needs based on data from the marketing system

Additional BI Systems


A system for analyzing sales trends during holiday periods. The system presents sales data, market shares, and prices in the pre-holiday and holiday periods, which are defined according to identical sales days between the years. The holidays presented in the system - Rosh Hashana, Hanukkah, Purim, Pesach, Independence Day, Shavuot and Tisha B'Av.


A system for tracking market share trends and prices in wine and liquor stores. The system is based on sales data obtained from dozens of points of sale and presents them in comparison with data from the entire market.


A system for tracking sales trends in online stores. The system is based on sales data obtained from chains known in the Internet channels and displays market share data, distribution of categories and prices of online shopping in front of the physical stores in these chains.


A system for monitoring market share trends and prices in the Arab sector. The system is based on sales data obtained from dozens of points of sale in the Arab sector in representative representation (the Triangle and Northern region) and shows the trends of market shares, prices and categories of categories in the sector compared to data from the market as a whole.
A system that presents suppliers with vital data in the contract between them and the retail chain, in store / day / item resolution, in organized market stores and selected private customers. The data is updated daily, and allows continuous and accurate monitoring of sales performance and analysis using a wide range of parameters.
Quantitative Sell In / Sell Out / Returns / Average Prices
Sales Channels
Retail chain / Sub-Chain / Store
Time Period
Daily / Weekly / Monthly
Items Catalog
Classes / Categories / Sub-Categories / Items
* It is possible to adjust the division of stores to the customer's agent structure
* It is possible to receive the data in a flat-file interface directly to the customer's corporate information system

Out Of Stock Model

A model that is updated on a daily basis and presents data on non-sale of items that are usually sold frequently, for the purpose of quickly addressing deficiencies and increasing sales.
Data analysis
StoreNext enables its customers to take a deeper look at market trends and buying behavior through special reports tailored to the customer's needs. These reports reveal the dynamics leading to results as reflected in the sales data.

Panel Analysis

Analysis based on purchase data of club members from hundreds of points of sale in a variety of formats. The buyers panel is based on members of customer clubs who buy continuously during the period under review. The panel data allows an examination of various indices, such as: penetration percentage, basket size, frequency of purchases, loyalty, repurchases, etc. These metrics are used to understand the behavior of shoppers in the category, examine launch data, switch between brands and more

Shopping Basket Analysis

Analyzes based on slip-level shopping data obtained on a daily level from points of sale in a variety of formats. Based on these data, it is possible to examine parameters of basket size, common combinations in shopping baskets, while dividing into formats and the type of purchase (complementary / centralized)

Promotions Data

StoreNext's data regarding promotions is based on a weekly average price calculation of item and store level. After determining the initial value, a follow-up is performed that examines the change in price in relation to the price series over previous weeks. This type of data allows us to determine the percentage of sales under a promotion, promotion prices, depth of promotions, etc., according to the customer's requirements
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