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At StoreNext, we’re proud to serve some of the nation’s most influential organizations across diverse industries, including Construction, Technology, Retail FMCG, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Government, Defense, and Automotive. Our cutting-edge B2B automation solutions empower our clients to engage in seamless electronic data-driven business processes using state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring unrivaled stability, speed, and data integrity.

We are on the lookout for a dedicated professional to join our team and assume the pivotal role of Infrastructure Manager. If you have a passion for technology, a track record of managing large-scale IT environments, and a vision for innovation, we invite you to consider this exciting opportunity.

What will you do?

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Oversee all aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure, including systems, and provided SAAS services.
  • Manage physical servers, virtualization systems, storage systems, and backups.
  • Maintain and optimize complex communication systems.
  • Administer external server farms and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.
  • Provide internal support for company employees.
  • Assume full responsibility for information security across all company systems and services.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive technology strategy and work plans.
  • Stay at the forefront of technology trends and integrate them into our infrastructure.
  • Lead and manage complex projects to successful completion.
  • Mentor and supervise a team of infrastructure administrators.
  • Manage budgetary allocations for technology initiatives.
  • Procure and evaluate technology resources.
  • Collaborate closely with internal departments, with a particular focus on development and operations teams.
  • Participate in the preparation of responses to customer tenders.

What will you need?

To succeed in this role, you should possess the following qualifications and skills:

  • Proven experience in managing large-scale environments with 500 servers or more.
  • Expertise in servers, virtualization, storage systems, backups, and related technologies.
  • Previous experience in production environments.
  • Strong knowledge of communication systems, including switches, routers, and protocols.
  • Proficiency in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Familiarity with databases, such as MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Experience with cloud platforms like Microsoft 365, AWS, and Azure.
  • Background in Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and execution.
  • Proficiency in managing information security.
  • Knowledge and experience with security systems, including firewalls, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), encryption, NAC (Network Access Control), SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), anti-virus/XDR (Extended Detection and Response), whitelisting, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), WAF (Web Application Firewall), and more.
  • Experience in conducting penetration tests and risk assessments is advantageous.
  • Experience with ISO 27001 implementation is a plus.
  • CISSP certification is a strong advantage.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

If you’re ready to make a significant impact on our organization’s technological landscape and drive innovation in B2B automation, we want to hear from you. Join us at StoreNext, where your expertise and leadership will help shape the future of business automation in Israel.

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