Junior DevOps Engineer

StoreNext is the largest, most experienced B2B Automation company in Israel.

Among our clients are some of Israel’s largest, most important organizations from various industries, including Construction, Technology, Retail FMCG, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Government Companies, Defense, and Automotive. We offer a wide range of B2B automation solutions that enable our customers to conduct full electronic data-driven business processes with their peers, using the most advanced technologies to achieve maximum levels of stability, speed, and data authenticity.

What will you need?

  • A Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, or relevant DevOps certification.
  • 0-2 years of experience in DevOps or System Administration.
  • Profound analytical and problem-solving acumen.
  • A strong inclination to acquire new skills, coupled with a rapid learning pace and an innate teamwork spirit.
  • Exceptional communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Proficiency in DevOps methodologies and tools, including but not limited to Git, Jenkins, Azure DevOps (TFS), and artifact management tools.
  • Scripting and automation prowess using PowerShell, Bash, or equivalent scripting languages.

What will you do?

  • Enhance and maintain the StoreNext portals infrastructure, spanning Linux and Windows systems.
  • Establish and sustain monitoring, logging, and alerting mechanisms for both development and production environments.
  • Implement rigorous security best practices across our infrastructure.
  • Drive the refinement and augmentation of our CI/CD workflow processes.
  • Collaborate closely with development units to ensure prompt and efficient deployment of their code.
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues across development and production setups.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest DevOps tools and technologies.

If you’re motivated by innovation and collaboration within a cutting-edge DevOps landscape, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of B2B Automation technology.

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