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Launch the Cyber-ArkTM Web Client with client protection

Cyber-Ark Web Client enables you to access the Cyber-ArkŪ Vault through an Internet browser, and includes complete Windows integration, high-level security for files in the Cyber-Ark workspace, and full Help files. See below for software requirements.


Access to the Cyber-ArkŪ Vault requires a user ID and a password. 
To apply for a user ID or for any other requests or questions, please contact us at



How to uninstall:

1. Please close all of your Office applications.
2. Locate the Windows folder (usually WINNT or Windows).
3. In the Windows folder, open the "Downloaded Program Files" folder.
4. Right click "PAMain Class" and select Remove.
5. After the uninstall has ended, restart your computer.

Software requirements:

1. Cyber-ArkTM Web Client requires version 4.72 or later of the Microsoft Common Controls library.
Follow this link to obtain a suitable update

2. Cyber-ArkTM Web Client requires version 5.0 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Follow this link to obtain a suitable update.